Being overweight has become a social stigma in Pakistan.

Most conversations begin with people commenting on the other’s weight and then listing down reasons why they’ve probably gained some extra pounds. And then obviously it’s a sort of moral obligation to list down suggestions on how they could deal with this… ‘condition,’ as they call it.    

Has it become okay to openly body-shame people nowadays? And if you think this is just honest concern, then you my friend are, I’m sorry to say, an extremely delusional person. This is straight up nasty behavior and you being a ‘know-it-all’ does not help anyone at all.

According to research, about 45% of people battle depression due to body-shaming. Anorexia is a result of unrealistic expectations overweight people face on a daily basis. Isn’t that enough to get you thinking before calling someone fat?

For people out there so worried about another person’s weight, let me make things clear for you.

An overweight person probably already knows that they have some extra kilos. So the next time you meet them don’t bother to tell them what they already know. It would be highly appreciated that when you meet such people, just stick to small talk. Why? Because most overweight people are struggling with body image issues just as it is and you’d just be adding more to their distress. Calling them fat and then spending the rest of the time discussing strategies to help them lose weight is simply heartless and insensitive.

You might not realize it but every single comment related to people’s weight, no matter how tiny it might be, constitutes to body-shaming. And body-shaming is in no way acceptable. Imagine this; would you ever want to step out of your house if you wanted a fun night out with friends or family but instead you spent the entire evening feeling insignificant because of a group of immature people who kept reminding you that you weighed more than anyone else in the group?

Overweight people who’re dealing with body image issues make an active effort each day to get out of bed and move around in a world where they know that they’ll be taunted and pitied. And get this straight’ they do not want your pity. They’re totally okay with who they are. But you constantly showering unwanted pity on them reminds them of the issue they’re dealing with and makes them feel inconsequential.

It’s not okay to talk about anyone’s body. No one is perfect, but then again, everyone is imperfectly perfect. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Be the one to judge the person based on what their personality is, not by their appearances. Understand that everyone’s fighting a battle you have no idea about. Don’t be a person who adds on to their stress.

Respect people and eat cake. All the more kilos to love with!



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