I don’t really go for KFC when it comes to burgers, but last night there was no option but to try out the new Kentucky Burger which is making waves in the market nowadays. I ordered through FoodPanda, and the combo (Burger + Drink) cost me 520 PKR including VAT.

Now to come to the actual burger, it was a blend of crispy fried chicken and beef pepperoni topped with barbecue sauce, cheese, fried onion and coleslaw sandwiched in a black sesame seed bun. Undoubtedly, this burger is a lot different from the burgers KFC usually retails, however, for me the buzz around this burger dimmed as soon as I took a bite out of it.

The fried chicken patty was a little undercooked for me, because of which I was unable to finish the burger. However, not everything about the burger was terrible. The efforts KFC had made to finally venture out into the Gourmet Burger zone are commendable. But with competitor chains like Burger O’ Clock and Burger Lab, KFC might just have to do a lot more to come across as a serious competitor.  

To me the price of the burger (400 PKR) seems to be a little too much for the product which I actually tried out. Again, the gourmet burger competitors offer better burgers in an affordable price range, which makes KFC the last choice when one is craving for burgers with spunk.  

Overall Verdict

Taste: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Will I Try It Again: Maybe


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