Pakola is known for it’s bright green colour, but recently a friend at work bought Pakola’s bright red version of the drink. It looked similar to sting, and I was inclined to give it a sip.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Pakola drinks, for me they are too overly sweet. Nonethless, for those times where you crave for a sugar rush, this is the drink you should go for.

This bottle retails for 30 PKR, and you get about 250 ml. Let’s talk about the taste. It was again, like I had predicted, was overly sweet. Fizzy drinks in my personal opinion should be very well balanced. The raspberry flavor left a weird aftertaste, which was sort of off-putting.

For some this might be the perfect drink, but compared to this, I’d rather go for the Ice-cream soda version of pakola.

Final Verdict:

Taste: 5/10

Money: 9/10

Will I go for it again: Nope.


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