Our generation loves to be busy!

Being busy is the new “normal” of our modern generation. When I sat down to contemplate what is that one thing which has catapulted us into a constant state of perpetual motion, it was hard to figure out. Transportation over the last few years has become easier which means that getting anywhere is now possible. Then, the invention of the internet has allowed us to gain access to the entire world at our fingertips. Immediate access to almost everything is readily available to us!

On our cell phones alone are numerous items which take all our attention. Attention, actually, has become one of the biggest commodity there is. The longer someone is able to keep our attention, the more money they make. This is exactly why Netflix auto-plays the next episode of the series you’re watching why Instagram introduced the elusive algorithm to keep you scrolling longer and why Facebook shows you “things you might like”. If this is not bad enough, our applications have their bright red dots, showing all the essential notifications we are missing out on each app.

The combination of all these things has led us to to the place we are at now. A place which is almost devoid of boredom.

Well, I believe it means we should find time in our lives to be bored. People would try to find things to keep them busy but now we need to find ways, rather, to be bored.

Here are some of the advantages of being bored

Boost Creativity

A typical effect of being bored is daydreaming. This daydreaming usually leads to creative thinking that enables us to achieve ingenuity and come up with original solutions to problems. Studies have found that as society gets busier, we have actually had a decline in creativity.

Save Money

When we stop glorifying the pursuit of being busy, we let ourselves slow down. While we can still make time for experiences, trying new things, and living a satisfied life, we can also feel empowered to say “no” sometimes. We do not have to attend every other event, try every new restaurant in town, and fill every moment of our weekends. Not only does this have other benefits talked about in this post, but it’s also going to save you a lot of money.

Reduce Stress

Allowing yourself to be bored gives you a break from the endless juggling act of multitasking, which alleviates stress. Not to mention, taking a break from cell phones have been proven to subdue stress.


In the end, the real challenge I leave you with is to make a conscious effort, even if it is only once a week, to force boredom. Drive in silence, lock your phone away for an hour, or leave an afternoon open with no plans.

Since I have started making an effort to not overload my time, I have found that I am less stressed, I am more self-aware, and I have more time to think and set personal goals. Even though I am doing less I feel like I am getting more done. Not to mention, I sleep better and have adopted other healthy lifestyle changes as well.



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