Disclaimer: This is a blog about my personal experience, not paid, 100% coming from the heart.

Back in the April of 2017, when I got a call from the HR department of Axact I had a lot of things going on in my mind. ‘What if the company closes down again?’ ‘ Will my parents agree to me joining the organization?’ ‘ Khaandaan waaley kya bolain gain?’ But then I decided to give this organization a chance. It has been 10 months, and to this day I’ve not regretted my decision once.

I would not say my journey was a smooth one, there were a lot of ups and downs, but through all of the various hurdles and difficulties, I emerged a better and a highly professional individual. The thing about working in Axact which makes it so much different from all other organizations is how much you begin to feel like you belong to a big family. A family where all strive towards making each other better human beings. A family where your problem is my problem. A family which understands the needs and requirements of each of its members.

Following are some reasons why I believe Axact is one of the best organizations to build your career in:

  1. Defined Targets and Monthly Bonuses

For those working in Axact, the targets are defined at the beginning of month. When one completes his/her targets, they have the chance to receive a monthly bonus based on well they have performed throughout the month. Not only does this inculcate a sense of motivation, but also leads to healthy competition within the team members.

  1. Biannual Growth

The Biannual growth/promotion system which Axact has in place allows for workers to succeed in the career they have chosen for themselves. Instead of waiting for years and years to get the growth they deserve, Axactians are promoted every six months leading to professional and personal satisfaction.

  1. X1000 Events: Monthly Celebrations of Success

Axact believes in celebrating the hard work its employees put into work by organizing monthly events. The performers are recognized and awarded. This again generates a sense of belonging along with a professional and personal satisfaction.

  1. Flexible Timings

For those completing their studies and pursuing their careers at the same, flexible work timings is blessing. Axact’s flexible timings helps students excel both in their studies as well as helps them start their career earlier on in life!

  1. Additional Perks and Benefits

Numerous organizations offer health care facilities for their employees only, but Axact goes a step further and offers health care for parents as well. Axactians also have access to the Axact hut and can also book Dreamworld Chalets for their personal outings.




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