When you really want to pursue that special human being who has literally stolen your heart and is the only person you could ever think about, but your attempts meet no encouraging response, then either you can carry on living with a really bitter after taste, or perhaps take things in your stride and simply make the finest use of this situation.

Here we present to you seven fantastic reasons why being friend zoned is not so bad and definitely not the end of the world and how it can in point of fact turn out to be pretty amazing actually.

Losing her as a lover means you get a wing woman instead

She can lend a hand to you in scoring a girl who really likes you for who you are. You also get to spend time with her girl gang and even hit on a girl or two, at the same time she can also put in a charming reference for you. Win win situation!

This is a great chance for you to move on

If there is not an indication of any sort of relationship and your dream girl shows no interest whatsoever in taking one step forward, then for sure it’s an obvious indication for you to just ‘move on’. Getting an apparent idea provides you with the freedom to discover other options. There is without doubt a wonderful woman out there somewhere, who would love to have you as a partner and take things to the next level with you. So don’t give up!

No pressure to impress

Trust me. This is one big thing you’ve been relieved of. You don’t have to dress-to-impress her anymore. Or order food that she likes. Or not smoke, because she told you not to. You have your life back dude! Enjoy it while it lasts!

You can now literally ‘Netflix and Chill’ with her

This girl thinks of you as a very close friend of hers, and there will be times when you really could do with a great buddy to just hangout and chill with, or watch a silly movie whilst lazing around. Take advantage of the situation and stop digging old graves or keep grudges against her. There are quite a few things which can only be shared with a close friend of the other sex, and to be honest this woman could be the friend you’re looking for.

She saved you from a dead end

She does not want to get involved with you only because she very well knows that things might not work out between the two of you, which is just so much better compared to a girl messing around with your feelings and emotions. You should give her some credit for being honest and straightforward with you.

Maybe she really does care for you

More often than not the people who’re in an ‘almost’ relationship are inclined to take the other person for granted however in friendships; the chances of you being mistreated or misused are very less. Their concern for you may be simply in a platonic way, but nevertheless it is still legitimate.

Just let everything go and enjoy the bond you two share

Not every woman you have in your life is supposed to be your girlfriend. Just waiting for the perfect one is so much better than ending up with the completely wrong one. If the girl who friend zoned you is a legitimate friend, immediately free yourself of any inhibitions that you have and enjoy the special bond of friendship that you share!


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