Did you know that smartphones cause infertility, eye diseases and infection among many other health problems? Here are 7 alarming things about your smart phone you need to know.

1. Infertility

Your phone has the power to make you infertile. Not only women, but also men. At the present time, there’s enough evidence to prove that mobile phone emission decreases the sperm count rate in male rats. To discover if the same is true for humans, Wdowiak A and his colleagues conducted a research which disclosed that the crowd of men who were using mobile phones had a lower sperm cell count in their semen, which eventually leads to infertility.

2. Depression

Studies link recurrent social media usage to depression and smartphones make it so much more easier to OD. According to Debra Kissen, Ph.D., the clinical director of Light on Anxiety Treatment Center in Chicago, “Being bombarded by images of everyone looking happy and successful leads to unhealthy and inaccurate comparisons and decreased feelings of self-worth.”

3. Neck And Head Problems

Looking down at the screen of your cell phone for a long time can become the cause of Anterior Head Syndrome, which occurs when your head moves frontward past the axis of gravity. This might cause muscular stress and injured vertebrae in addition to degenerated and compressed discs in the back. According to chiropractor Jason Nardi “These things can contribute to a number of many secondary conditions ranging from headaches, numbness and tingling, neck pain, and even carpal tunnel.”

4. Eye Problems

Most people use their mobile phones to read e-books, watch videos, surf the web etc. in addition to texting. When you do so, the bright screen along with the small font size do a great deal of damage to your eyes, particularly if you are reading in the dark. Mobile phones have smaller screens, so you’re likely going to squint or open your eyes wide and blink a lesser number of times. This can lead to dry eyes, reddening and irritation.

5. Hearing Impairment

Today, every other person has earphones plugged in their ears. But that’s not the sole reason why hearing impairment is increasing in adults and youth alike. Your mobile phone radiation is another factor which is making you go deaf. Studies have discovered that long-standing contact to electromagnetic (EM) field from mobile phones adds to reducing your hearing power. A study conducted by Oktay MF and Dasdag S found that people who received phone calls for about 2 hours each day were at a high risk of damaged hearing as compared to moderate users.

6. Sleep Interference

If you’re one of those 95% people who use some sort of electronic devices in the hour before going to bed, the synthetic blue light may possibly repress the hormones that encourage sleep and also make it difficult to get into bed. Naturally, when the phone’s random screen light ups, beeping or vibrating, this can furthermore wake you up after you go to sleep.

7. Infections

There are so many of us who use their mobile phones in the bathroom. Here is a good reason why you should not. Mobile phones are not only used as a saving place for your important data but carry thousands of infectious germs. A study discovered that mobile phones are highly polluted with organisms from the fecal origin. They’re an alcove for quite a few germs such as E.coli, which cause diarrhea, vomiting and Staphyloccocus, which can lead to skin infections.



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