Bearded men are some of the hottest looking, let’s be honest. Well, it might sound very dramatic but present this statement to any guy with one, and I bet they will strongly agree. However, not every guy out there knows how to make the most of their mane. The thing with beards is that they can make you look like royalty, but on the other hand can also make you appear homeless, depending on how you well you style it. Keeping that in mind, I have come up with a list of 5 different beard styles for men to copy, that will make you look like a supermodel.

Voluminous Yet Trimmed 

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If you have a dense and full-bodied beard growth, the best beard style to go for is this voluminous yet trimmed and neat look. This style is easy to get, easy to maintain and is very eye-catching in an elegant manner.

High Fashion and Edgy Aesthetic

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If you are one of those guys who is blessed with wondrous bears growth that seems to cover your whole face, go for this high-fashion, edgy aesthetic. Make sure the beard edges are well-shaped and make sure to keep that big beard moisturized and conditioned.

Subtle Stubble 

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If you don’t want to go for a full-beard and rather prefer a stubble alternatively, this one is the safest option you have. Keep the length minimum, and shape it out in a way that your face gets a trim and contoured look.

Neat and Well Trimmed

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If you want a neat and well trimmed look that looks a little unique, get a regular trim done along with your cheeks, and then trim the part underneath the lips. This easy trick can transform your entire face.

Super Sleek and Fashion Forward

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Perhaps the most attractive beard style out there is the super sleek, fashion-forward, and best in terms of framing your jawline.


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