‘Never Trust A Man Without A Watch’

Buying watches is not as easy as it looks. There are numerous things men should keep in mind when they go out to buy a watch for themselves. Here are the 4 most important things to consider when purchasing a watch.

The Brand

If money is not a problem than the world can be your watch oyster. However, if you are working a budget, the brand you choose depends completely on how much you are willing to spend on a watch. There are entry level brands, mid level brands, high end and of course the luxury brands. You should keep in mind that buying a watch is not an expense rather an investment. Therefore, buy one branded watch as opposed to 10 poor quality ones.

The Band

Watches have two main types of bands. Leather bands and metal bands. These two bands can then be further classified into crocodile leather bands, alligator leather bands, and stainless steel bands etc. The band type depends on how you plan on using the watch. Whether it is going to be used for daily wear or is going to be used as a dress watch. Traditionally, leather bands are considered to be more dressier than the metal bands.

Analog or Digital

This depends on your preference and the watch use. The analog watch which has the traditional dial is considered to be more appropriate as a dress watch. A digital watch on the other hand display time numerically through an LED display and is the casual and sportier of the two types.

The Dial

The size along with the weight of the watches dial is actually determined by the body type of the wearer. If you are a heavy set man, the standard dial might look somewhat womanly on your wrist. You should go for a watch which is heavier set and bulkier. However, if you have an average build, the standard dial should work for you just fine. Nevertheless, in case you want to experiment with a bulkier dial, you can do so.


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