Sexism, according to Merriam Webster, can be defined as ‘unfair treatment of people because of their sex.’ In Pakistan, this issue would be more focused on if we didn’t treat it like an ‘us vs. them’ and instead, though of it as a ‘we’ issue.

We fail to realize that men in Pakistan are just as affected by sexism as women. All the feminists out there who’re so enthusiastic about bringing forward gender equality as one of the major concerns of today’s society should also put light on sexism that Pakistani men face on a daily basis, because that’s as important as the issue of sexism faced by women.

1. Men Work Longer Hours

Men are expected to work longer hours than women. Apart from this, they’re also expected to re-locate more than women. It has, in fact, become a norm to expect the same work to be done at a faster rate under a tighter deadline from men.

2. Men Ought To Hold On To Jobs

Men have to hold on to jobs. Even if that means sacrificing his dreams and passions. Providing financial security to the family suddenly becomes his sole responsibility.

3. Men Should Be Strong At All Times

Men are time and again told not to display any fragility because this might be perceived as a sign of weakness by the society. They are supposed to bottle up their emotions, because well, they’re men.

4. Men Are Always At Fault

The word of men in case of serious incidents like rape or domestic violence is not seriously taken into account. As a severe consequence, the cases of false violence and rape charges are rising quite rapidly.

5. Men Are Supposed To Provide After The Divorce

Men are expected to provide financial support to the wife after they’ve divorced while the wife has no obligation whatsoever. And she is regarded as the only victim too. You think this is fair? 

6. Men Are Stereotyped

‘All men are the same.’ ‘Men only want one thing.’ These appalling examples regarding men can be heard often. Why don’t we ever hear such things about women?

7. Men Who Defend Themselves Are Labeled As Sexists

Men who defend themselves and are opinionated are labeled as sexists. On the other hand, women who’re doing the exact same thing against men find supporters from the civil society of women rights.

8. Men Don’t Need To Be Shown Compassion

Boys don’t get shown compassion because of the ‘yeh tou larka hai’ taboo. If a boy hurts himself while playing, he’s told to stand up and stop crying like a girl whereas if a girl gets hurt, she’s given immediate attention. This makes men distant to emotions.

9. Men Ought To Be Better At Everything

Men are expected to be smarter, more athletic and taller than women. Also God forbid if they earn lower than a women. What a shame. For a healthy relationship, they’re supposed to earn more than their wife earns monthly.

10. Men Are Not Capable Of Raising Children

Society has assumed that men are in fact incapable of raising children, and especially daughters. Such sexism actually hurts the sentiments and hard work put in by all those fathers working to provide the very best for his children.




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