One night as I lay awake at 3: am, it dawned on me that I had lost myself. I had been living an endless nightmare for months now, walking down the dark tunnel of depression with no foreseeable light at the end. I was sick, angry, sad and always crying for no apparent reason. My friends did not understand what...

Dear Single Girls, The Only Person You Need In Life Is You!

You! Yes you! The one reading this. The one girl who thinks she is not enough. You, the girl who wants to fall in love but is frightened to do so at the same...

What To Put In Your Coffee This Winter Season

Ever since we've entered a more illuminated age of coffee consumption, the concept of flavoring coffee while brewing (usually with beans artificially flavored with ingredients that belong in a cologne factory) has fallen out of favor. And because of how bad some of those old-school "flavored coffees" were, this may be a good thing.

5 Life Lessons October 2018 Taught Me

October began for me as a month full of hope, life and energy. As it is my birthday month, I love, love, loveee it, and am always excited when it finally begins....

Why Modern Relationships Never Work Out

Why have we become so inept at keeping our relationships alive? Why has making a relationship last become so incredibly hard? Despite of trying so hard, why do we end up failing at love every...

Maryam Fatima

I’m different. Always have been. It took me a while, but I’ve accepted that I’m a magic not meant for everybody to understand.


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